Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Change in Scope

Race and Place is now Housing Policy. The blog will venture outside of fair housing policy and include policy regarding affordable housing, tenants' rights, sustainable development, and other housing advocacy topics. For a specialized fair housing site see the Fair Housing Action Blog.

I have also recruited contributors who have more experience in the new subject areas. Because this is still a Blogspot blog, we don't have the option of categories. But, if Blogspot incorporates them we will definitely include them in the future to allow for topical searches.

The contributors will hail mostly from the Chicago area. So, a Chicago or Illinois perspective might show up. Likely, many of the examples will use Chicago data. However, the primary aim is still to address federal housing policies providing reliable, reasonable, and respectable comments and news.

Expect some updates to the links on the right and a steadier stream of entries by the end of September as contributors increase.

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